Demolition Services

Unis Demolition offers a comprehensive range of demolition services to meet the needs of their clients in various industries and situations. As a full-service demolition firm, Unis Demolition provides a wide range of services related to demolition, including:

Residential Demolition

Unis Demolition offers safe and efficient demolition services for residential properties, including houses, duplexes, and other residential buildings.

Commercial Demolition

Unis Demolition also provides commercial demolition services, which may include demolishing office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and other commercial structures.

Industrial Demolition

For industrial facilities, Unis Demolition has experience demolishing factories, power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial structures.

Emergency Demolition

In the event of an emergency, such as a building collapse or other dangerous situation, Unis Demolition offers quick and effective emergency demolition services to ensure the safety of people and property.

Party-Wall Restoration

In addition to demolition services, Unis Demolition also specializes in party-wall restoration. This includes repairing or rebuilding walls that are shared by neighboring properties.

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