Excavation Services

Unis Demolition's excavation services can help prepare a site for construction or other use, ensuring that the ground is level, properly graded, and free of debris. Unis Demolition offers land clearing and site preparation services along with foundation digging and grading. Retaining wall services are offered, too. Unis Demolition's excavation services include:

Land Clearing

Unis Demolition can clear land of trees, stumps, brush, and other debris to prepare it for construction or other use.

Site Preparation

Before construction can begin, the site must be prepared. Unis Demolition offers site preparation services, including grading and leveling the ground, removing rocks and debris, and installing drainage systems.

Foundation Digging

To build a structure, the foundation must first be dug. Unis Demolition can excavate the foundation to the desired depth and size.


Proper grading is essential to ensure that water drains away from the structure and that the ground is level. Unis Demolition can grade the site to ensure proper drainage and level ground.

Retaining Walls

In some cases, a retaining wall is needed to prevent erosion and hold back soil. Unis Demolition offers retaining wall services, including design, construction, and repair.

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